Businessmaker Academy, Inc.

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Business, Personal growth
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Hi All!

I decided to start this blog to share my business and investing experiences for those who want to help themselves.

So for those reading this post right now, welcome!

Let me first start by saying that I did not take up commerce, business school or any formal financial training, my experience in these fields come from the school of “hard knocks”, which to me is the best school there is. I do however have a college degree from De La Salle University but what I finished is no where near business or finance, I am a licensed (but non-practicing,) Electronics and Communications Engineer.

Like many people I know, I ended up pursuing a passion different from my formal schooling and i’m happier to have done so. Which leads me to talk about one of my (and my wife’s) best ideas that became (and continues to be) a thriving, profitable, and helpful business: Businessmaker Academy, Inc

Before I continue about Businessmaker, let me first introduce my wife, her name is Jhoanna and it is because of her that I am who I am today. Perhaps one of the best advice I could ever give you is for you to find someone to marry who loves you, teaches you, and supports you, AND for that person to be willing to be loved, be taught and be supported by you as well. Find that person and your dreams will come true, I know because I married mine.

So Businessmaker Academy was actually Jhoanna’s dream which became a reality sooner rather than later. She wanted to teach people the practical art of Money Management because as you may have noticed, this is not taught in any school, at least on a practical, do it yourself level. So Jhoanna and I began this idealistic and what we believed to be a “noble and very necessary” pursuit. But we knew that we needed help, so we found and recruited our very dear friend Cindy to become our business partner. The three of us then embarked on a mission: “To create a company to help those who want to help themselves”.

That was 5 years ago, today, the three of us are still at it. But instead of just teaching people money management, we’ve expanded into a ton of different practical courses for anyone to take at their own time. Our courses now range from Business Start-Up, Forex Trading, Human Resource Managment, Team building, and Corporate training

So if you’re like me and the many people out there who want to pursue a passion other than what you were trained to do, a passion that you are unclear about the first steps in achieving it, or a passion in just helping yourself be better, know that you are not alone, Businessmaker Academy is here.

All the best!
-Mark So

  1. Ric says:

    hi mark,

    finally, a blog from you! i’ll be following your posts. lots of nice stuff.



  2. markso says:

    Hey Ric! Nice to hear from you again. All the best all the time

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