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The thought that it takes money to make money is simply ingrained into society when it comes to businesses.

I was interviewed a few months ago for a TV show hosted by Arch Bishop Chito Tagle on ABC 5 and the theme of the show was “Entrepreneurship for nation building in the Philippines”. In the course of the interview, I was asked how someone can start a business when they have no money to begin with. To this I replied, “I think a lot of people have it backwards, the reason why you will go into business in the first place is because you don’t have money to begin with.”

As you may have guessed, I got a quizzical and interested look when I said this and the host asked me to elaborate further, so I replied: “In business, you do not need capital, you need customers. If you have Capital but no customers, you are not in business, but if you have customers even with no capital, then you ARE in business “ I then faced the camera and said “If you want to know more, take my class.” to which the host and everyone in the room burst into laughter.

After the interview, I left the studio with my lovely wife Jhoanna with everyone in the production crew from the producer to the camera man with a smile. Walking to the car, a young man who was in the studio ran up to us and said thank you, and that felt great.

When the show aired the week after, people who watched the TV show called my company Businessmaker Academy and enrolled in my class. The class is called “Capital Raising and Cash Flow Management” which I still conduct until today.

The TV show interview allowed me to help others by sharing a different perspective, if you’ve read this far, this post will hopefully do the same thing.

But on a more practical level, the show allowed me to find my customers. This blog does the same. The interview was free, opening this blog is free. Did I find my customer? Yes. Am I in business? You bet.

All the best!