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Hi Everyone!

My series on “How To Make Money Run After You” will be my most lengthy series that will be published in Manila Bulletin by far, as such I believe that it deserves it’s own website. The new website is a hundred times more awesome than my already awesome business advice blog! so that I can organize and really teach all of you how to not just make money run after you but to be able to create “True Wealth”.

Go here now to check it out:

For the past 3 weeks, I have been very busy creating a brand new site which contains not just my money management articles but ALL my business and investing articles including my super genius wife’s articles on career management. Once you get to the new site, you will immediately see how much effort I really put into it as all my articles are now much more organized and tasks and assignments as well.

What’s more is that I became really “obsessive-compulsive” about making sure that all my lessons are received by all and that the tasks and activities are clear and step by step. I call this the “Wealth Plan” and it is FREE for all of those who sign up on the new site. (On the right side you will see a big red arrow, can’t miss it really) Just place your name, email and phone number, then click register. Super easy!

Go here now to do that:

Oh, by the way, you will also have a blast looking at all the “cartoons” I personally drew for the site! Yes, I also draw and doodle, one of my other hidden talents. Also, just to let you know, I drew all of the artwork on my iPAD and directly uploaded it into the site. Super awesome! I love technology don’t you?

So, for those of you who what to stop running after money and make “Wealth” flow instead to you,

go now to  or just Click HERE Now

All the best!

Mark So, your handsome business mentor!